Brain Fetish

Brain Fetish

Scenariusz: Kinga Korska
Rysunki: Kinga Korska
Wydanie: I
Data wydania: Kwiecień 2016
Druk: czarno-biały
Oprawa: miękka
Stron: 192
Cena: 15 €
Wydawnictwo: Vorto
ISBN: 978-83-64516-00-9
Brak głosów...
The network of mutual commitments, emotions, affinities and animosities – these things rule our functioning, influence our mood and set the quality of our lives. It is the relationships with our partners that can make us deeply happy or unhappy. If you want to build strong and satisfactory relationships, this graphic novel is perfect for you. It will also help you to put your own relationship into perspective and diagnose the causes of the most common problems arising in a life shared with your significant other.

We often forget that women, besides having boobs, have also got brains. Moreover, there are women who – like the author herself – do not hesitate to use them. This is the first graphic novel which engages you deeply and challenges you with an intellectual play, encouraging you not only to use the sense of sight, but also something more – to fully activate the reader’s brain, so it can become your fetish as well

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Brain Fetish


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